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Custom Orthotics in Toronto by Expert Foot Care Specialist Chiropodist in downtown Toronto

Our feet are dynamic structure, made up of a complex series bone, muscles, and ligaments.  In up to 80% of the population one of the arches will collapse.  As soon as the arch collapses it pulls the ankle, knee, hip and lower back into misalignment often causing pain, stress, wear and tear to the body.  Custom Orthotics can help create more balanced structure and by improving the biomechanics of the foot.  If you are experiencing a foot pain after activity, a Toronto chiropodist is often the best specialist to help you.  To book an appointment simply fill in your information in the form at the bottom of this page, our friendly receptionist will contact you to book an appointment within 24 hours, or call us right now at 416-900-6653

Benefits of Custom Made Orthotics:

Custom Orthotics Toronto can often provide relief of foot, knee, hip, pelvis, and lower back aches and pains. Athletes are more susceptible to injuries due to intense and extensive physical activity; however, however virtually all individuals develop some degree of damage to our muscles and joints as a result of age related wear and tear processes.

Custom Made Orthotics helps to ensure biomechanical efficient walking and running, and help to prevent damage to your muscles, tendons or ligaments.

Common Conditions that can be treated or prevented using Custom Foot Orthotics includes:

  • Heel Pain such as Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs or Achilles Tendinitis
  • Arch Pain associated with flat feet or high arches
  • Forefoot Pain such as Morton’s Neuroma, Bunions
  • Knee Pain such as Patella-femoral Syndrome or Runner’s knee
  • Hip or Pelvic Pain
  • Lower Back Pain including stenosis and sciatica

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Ace Physio Toronto is proudly offering services for Custom Orthotics prescribed and dispensed by our Registered Chiropodist in our Downtown Toronto location.  Custom Orthotics were designed to provide comfort and relief to patients and restore mobility and balance.

Ace Physio utilizes 3-dimensional laser casting; which is quick, clean and more accurate than traditional methods such as foam molds or plaster of paris. 3 dimensional laser casting method is perhaps the most effective and efficient method for producing top notch Custom Foot Orthotics Toronto.

The 3-dimensional laser casted inserts can be fitted inside the shoes of patients, in order to help and assist in performing walking while preventing abnormal foot motion.


“When my patients are experiencing pain in their feet it can often ruin their day. This is why I am pleased to offer 3-dimensional laser casting for custom orthotics to bring them the foot care they need to live pain free,”

- Chiropodist in Toronto